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Maria Yefimova – Why I Give

I give because the UCLA School of Nursing showed me that there is no such thing as “just a nurse”. Nurses make a difference for patients, families and communities everywhere—at the bedside, in research labs, at executive decision-making tables, and in national policy advisement. UCLA School of Nursing opens new and exciting opportunities for students. My experiences empowered me to pursue a non-traditional path through the accelerated Bachelors-to-PhD program. I had inspiring mentors who expanded my thinking of what it means to be a nurse.  As a triple Bruin, I benefitted from generous support of the alumni to attend national research conferences, and meet with nurse leaders who are shaping the future of healthcare.  I want to continue this tradition of giving to make sure students have the same opportunities and more.

Maria Yefimova, BS’11, MS’14, PhD’16