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Stengel Family – Why We Give

We as a family choose to support the UCLA School of Nursing because they really are about redefining and re-imagining nursing. The faculty and staff instilled this in our daughter Claire
(MN ‘13) and her amazing classmates, and they just continue to live up to that noble ideal. In these especially dynamic times in health care, we are more than proud to support that ideal.

We are a bit predisposed to support anything Bruin:  Kathleen has a UCLA Bachelor’s degree in Biology; Claire is a double Bruin: BS in Physiology, with her advanced degree in nursing.  

Claire’s graduate experience at the School of Nursing instilled in her a mindset that the potential—for her and indeed all dedicated nurses—is boundless.  And with that comes a great responsibility to advance the profession.  That is the UCLA way. And that is why we are
‘all in’!

Go Bruins,

Claire Stengel ’10, MSN ’13

Kathleen Stengel ‘76

Jim Stengel